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Congrats! You have your LKL. 

Now what?

"3 years ago I came across a picture of a 30 feet high plastic whale sculpture. It symbolized the amount of plastic trash that is being washed into our Oceans every second. I was shocked! I was aware plastic was a problem, but I was not aware of the rapid speed this was happening.

Our society has become extremely depended on single use plastic, that we are now drowning in it. Meanwhile many people are aware of the problem and are changing their habits. But if we want to avoid to have more plastic in our Oceans than fish, we also need to start thinking of ways to replace plastic in our daily lives."

Keep Scrolling, Keep Mesmerizing

Splendid And Timeless Design

How to Use It?

1-) Recharge The Light until the Light Turns ınto Green

2-) Press The Buttons On Each Head To Turn On The Lıght

3-) Press The Button Again To Change The Color Temperature

4-) Press And Hold The Button To Adjust The Brightness

5-) start crafting,

 Anytime anywhere!

Style up!

7 STEPS to GET the most ouf of ıt

Video Content: Congrats, you get what you were waiting for. Now prepared something delicious for you to see how we enjoy our lights. Go below, watch till the end, and see the surprise at the end of it.

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1-) Lets charge it first.

Lets first give life to the glorious Lumos Knitting Light that will give life to countless projects in the future.

2-) You can change its color

You will need different colors bec xyz .

3-) You can change its brightness

You will need to change brightness bec of xyz.

4-) Wear the LKL like a Pro

Now you know how to change the color and the brightness. Now let us show you how you can put it on your neck as a pro knitter.

5-) Maintain What Maintains You

Here Is How You Can Make Your Lumos Knitting Life Work Forever

- Proper recharging

- Carrying in a bag

- Keep the water away

- Clean with a soft handkerchief 



6-) How Pro Knitters Use It?

Alright, we talked about the light itself in detail. How about some tips and tricks for knitting?

Heck the knitting by giving ear to Sandra

7-) How about some other cool stuff?

Check how Sandra exploits the Lumos Knitting Light for anything in her life

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