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10% OFF Code: "SUMMER10"



Bundle and Save More!

Bundle and Save More!

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You have your Lumos Knitting Light. 

Now what?

Congrats! You get what you were waiting for!

We hope you enjoy it for a very long time. 

We all have lights that do different things but there is no one that can do it all. So, we have come up with Lumos Knitting Light, designed to suit your lifestyle, for you to get most out of your knitting experience. Lumos Knitting Light as a brand was created for those that seek something more while still caring to use less.

Now, let us show you some tips and tricks so that you get the most out of the Lumos Knitting Light. 

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Light up!


Let's charge it first.

Lets first give life to the glorious Lumos Knitting Light that will give life to countless projects in the future.

You can change the color of the light you are using.

Let's see how it is done.

You can change the brightness of the color as well!

It's a bit tricky. But let me tell you, you will really like that feature.

Maintenance Conditions

Now, we will talk about things that will extend the life of Lumos Knitting Light. 

How Pro Crafters Use It?

Alright, we talked about the light itself in detail.

How about some tips and tricks for how to use it while knitting and crocheting?

What else can you do with your light?

We exploit the Lumos Knitting Light for anything in our life. Let us show how it is done.

People seem very happy with it.

Here is what they send us!

What’s the surprise?


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