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Yarn Cutting Amulet

Yarn Cutting Amulet

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Only limited Yarn Cutting Amulet left in stock!

Cut your yarn without carrying scissors in your knitting bag. A great piece of jewelry to wear even when you aren't crafting. This Yarn Cutting Amulet comes in handy whether you're knitting, crocheting, or doing embroidery, The blade is sharp and cuts through yarn like butter but it is safely encased so that you don't cut yourself or others around you. So it is both safe to carry around and nice to look at. With its chick look, get ready to receive lots of compliments on it when you are with your crafting group. 

We call this special piece an amulet because it confers protection upon its possessor from scissor cuts. 

✔No more rustling about looking for scissors

✔It easily cuts yarn with no danger of cutting fingers

✔Safe for children

✔Perfect for knitting on the go

✔Great gift for a crafter